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Fan Ages on MO:ULa: coming soon?

Аватар пользователя Lyrositor

Fan NexusFor years, fans have yearned for the ability to bring fan Ages into Cyan's official shard (MO:ULa). It now suddenly seems like those dreams are becoming very real! After communication between OpenUru.org and Cyan Worlds Inc., during which Cyan gave the go-ahead to start bringing content into MO:ULa, a public debate was started to discuss the best means to present these Ages to explorers, with various options being proposed in this thread. Much of the talk so far has centered around how to integrate these Ages story-wise with the exisitng Ages. These are the main options proposed during the discussion:

  • A Fan Nexus, a sort of modified replica of the existing Nexus (proposed by OU.org with Cyan's approval): this has met some very vocal opposition from several members of the community (including Age creators) due to the difficulty of the Python coding required for a brand new Nexus, its function as a separator between fan Ages and Cyan Ages, and its "copy and paste" nature.  It appears to have been surpassed by the "Dog House" idea (see below). On the other hand, others advocate it as a possible compromise to bring Ages quickly and efficiently to MO:ULa.
  • New menu in the existing Nexus (proposed by Lyrositor): seen as a compromise from the compromise that is the Fan Nexus and would require less of an overhaul of the coding then a completely new Nexus.
  • Proposed "fan Age" stamp.Placing books around the Ages with new stamps to identify them as different (proposed by Adam "Hoikas" Johnson): Calumon has created a design for such a stamp (at right); this is the model in place on the Gehn Shard. JWPlatt, on behalf of OU.org, stated it was a good idea, but one to put into effect later.
  • The Dog House (proposed by HarveyMidnight): this is the latest and, quite possibly, the most popular idea. It is outlined here. It essentially consists of a previously inaccessible room in the cavern (possibly Descent) with a "Beware The Dog" sign behind which rows and rows of books are found; it can be linked to with a Bahro stone. It should be noted that Cyan has reacted positively to this idea, as their approval would be needed for such an undertaking.

So far, Cyan has indicated support for both the Fan Nexus and the Dog House idea, although they are still open to other options; Chogon posted Cyan's full position on the matter here. It's too early to tell which solution shall be adopted, but it definitely seems like fan Ages are to become available in the near future on MO:ULa by some means.

We at the Guild of Messengers will continue to follow this story as it develops.


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